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Leading Data Center Decommissioning Capabilities

SRS is a key player in helping companies manage ongoing technology shifts in data centers. Our record of success includes working with businesses and major cloud companies to provide periodic decommissioning of older data center equipment. In addition, we work with businesses who are closing down corporate data centers as work moves to the cloud.

We provide bulk on-site data destruction services, and provide complete resell and recycling services for retired data center equipment. SRS proactively develops solutions for our client’s emerging data center technologies.

Types of Data Center Decommissioning Projects

  1. Staged decommissioning of older equipment
  2. Decommissioning/shut down of stand alone corporate data centers
  3. Cage clean-outs at co-located sites
  4. On-site data destruction service – including erasure, degaussing and bulk hard drive shredding projects
  5. Micro-modular data center (MMDC) decommissioning


Hyperscale Data Center Services

Cloud providers trust SRS to systematically decommission rack servers, blade servers, SANs and data center infrastructure. SRS resourcefully resells surplus equipment and components and responsibly recycles equipment with no remaining useful life. Bulk shredding of hard drives provides a quick, cost effective and secure method to ensure data security.

Micro Modular Data Center (MMDC) Decommissioning

At the same time that hyperscale data centers are being constructed to process and store big data, there is a need to keep some data processing capability adjacent to population centers for faster response times. Edge data centers, or MMDCs, provide this proximity. SRS provides turn-key decommissioning of these satellite data centers when they have outlived their useful life.

Corporate Data Center Decommissioning

As data transitions to the cloud, companies are permanently shutting down their corporate data centers. SRS helps in decommissioning data center equipment, pulling cables and removing any support structure, such as UPS, HVAC equipment and server racks.

On-Site Hard Drive Shredding

Most data centers require data to be destroyed while hard drives and tapes are still in their custody and control.  SRS offers data destruction solutions for small and large projects. Our mobile shred trucks destroy up to 3000 hard drives per day, at the data center.